Sunday, February 14, 2010

sunset from barnsdall park

it rained most all day on my last day installing the show. i came out of the gallery to get something from the car... at just the right moment to see the sun leaving us for the day.

belonging and belongings in the laundromat

going to

the laundromat is a telling act...
being there--
with strangers.
we reveal the color of our underwear to each other
and whether we have leopard print sheets,
little girl children,
or a filthy job.

we don't talk much with each other. we mostly stay silent in the waiting.

belonging in that place -- with its tvs droning and the constant hum of the large dryers -- means that i am either in between here and there, i have an especially big or dirty something i need to wash, or i am living in a place too small or too simple to have a laundry machine on site.

nell gould's his

nell gould
his, 2010


of his

betsy lohrer hall's what i bring with me

betsy lohrer hall's

what i bring with me
, 2010

muslin, everyday belonging(s), coffee stains, diagrams from
space missions, paint, ink, matches, $20

chris elliott's burger

chris elliott's
burger, 2010

mixed media on muslin

mary cecile gee's clothing ball series

mary cecile gee's

clothing ball series

see her website
for more info

lynne mori's apt. 0

lynne mori's apt. 0, 2010

embroidered floor plan
(see her earlier post),
wooden cigar box,
b/w photo of Chicago,

color Polariod of Canada geese on ice,
small mirror,
sugar packs.